World War 3 military campaign was officially launched and declared by Germany provoking the war in Ukraine

Pope Francis publicly stated before Russia invaded Ukraine that NATO was provoking the war in Ukraine. “They (NATO) are barking at the gates of Russia. And they don’t understand that the Russians are imperial and they will not allow any foreign power to approach them.” On 24 February 2022, the war began.

Pope Francis implicated NATO to divert blame. He knows that it was Germany who provoked the war. Germany provoked the war to force NATO member states to wage Germany’s World War 3 military campaign as Germany’s new Waffen SS.

Time and again the German government has publicly declared that NATO serves Germany. That NATO is the “signature pillar of Germany’s peace and prosperity”. Germany staged a coup against US President Donald Trump after POTUS Trump threatened to withdraw the US from NATO. Germany feared POTUS Trump would exit the US from NATO in a second term.

“U.S. President Donald Trump has dedicated himself not to maintaining and nurturing the liberal international order on which Germany’s current peace and prosperity are founded, but rather to destroying this order. Consequently, the Federal Republic now needs something that was previously unnecessary: an America strategy” GMF, article was originally published in the Berlin Policy Journal

Germany initiated the coup against President Donald Trump with the aid of US Senator McCain. Germany gave McCain forged documents at the Halifax International Security Forum. US Senator McCain was recruited by the German Marshal Fund (GMF) to start a new Cold War and to assist Germany stage a coup against US President Donald Trump using the Trump-Russia dossier.

An independent investigation into the true purpose of the Halifax International Security Forum has found that the forum was established for Germany by the Crown in Canada, using Crown Corporation ACOA funding. The Halifax International Security Forum was established by the Crown in 2009 to support the Washington DC based, German Marshall Fund of the United States and their Cold War objectives and operations.

“With the generous support of the Canadian government, Halifax International Security Forum was founded in 2009 as part of the German Marshall Fund of the United States.” Halifax International Security Forum website webpage Our Mission

Since its inauguration in 2009 the Halifax International Security Forum (founding partners are the Crown’s Department of National Defence (DND) and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA)) has been organized by the German Marshall Fund of the United States (founded in 1972 by Chancellor of Germany Willy Brandt, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1969 to 1974) and funded by the Crown in Canada to recruit top US and Canadian government officials to aid and abet Germany conduct a new Cold War against Russia. The forum, for all intents and purposes, is being used to turn top Canada US government officials into double agents. Their mission is to undermine and subvert both the Government of the United States of America and the Government of Canada, pursuant to and in furtherance of Germany’s strategic interests. Their objective is to wage a new Cold War against Russia.

The Halifax International Security Forum was used and organized by the Chancellor of Germany founded and funded German Marshall Fund of the United States shortly after the 2016 US presidential election to recruit US Senator John McCain to initiate the new Cold War. McCain was recruited by Germany’s proxy GMF to aid and abet Germany stage a coup against newly elected US President Donald Trump using the infamous Trump-Russia dossier. Senator McCain delivered the dossier to FBI Jim Comey. The dossier was commissioned (paid for) by the Crown and written by the Crown’s spy, MI6 counterintelligence agent Christopher Steele, to allege, without proof, Russia meddling in US 2016 election. The Crown “manufactured” the dossier for Germany to start the new Cold War against Russia and stage a coup against US President Donald Trump.

Why conduct a new Cold War now? Russia was the US, the UK and Canada’s ally in WWII. Russia helped the US, the UK and Canada defeat Germany and Italy (controlled by the Vatican) in WWII. The Crown feared another US, UK, Canada and Russia war alliance. Such a war alliance would be formed to liberate Europe once again from the Vatican Germany annexation and occupation of Europe called the EU. Both the first Cold War and the new Cold War were started by the Crown to prevent such a US, UK, Canada and Russia war alliance. A new Cold War was started by the Crown using the Crown commissioned Trump-Russia dossier because World War III had already begun and was officially declared in 2014.

On Sept 13, 2014 Pope Francis officially declared that World War III had begun. Pope Francis called it a “piecemeal” WWIII. “a third war, one fought piecemeal, with crimes (mainly treachery), massacres, destruction,”. Then again in 2016 Pope Francis declared:

“Let’s not be afraid to say this truth, The world is at war. It is perhaps not as organic, but it is organized and it is war. … but unlike the first two world wars, instead of happening all at once, this war is coming in stages.”

Why is there another World War? Pope Francis told you why: “There are economic systems that must make war in order to survive”. What economic systems is he referring to? The Fourth Reich EU and the Crown. I know, as did members of the Crown disbanded RCMP SERT (disbanded in 1993), who and what the Crown really represents.

The Crown is the reigning Pope’s corporate entity and international trademark. It is the Pope’s Latifundia (Mafia) economic system. It wages World Wars (WWI, WWII and WWIII) in order to form new Holy Roman Empires (Reichs). World War I was a war waged by the Crown (Pope) to establish the Vatican Germany Second Reich. World War II was a war waged by the Crown to establish the Vatican Germany Third Reich.

Piecemeal World War III is a war being waged now by the Crown to expand and protect the Vatican Germany Fourth Reich, internationally known as the EU.

Germany provoked Ukraine Russia war by attempting to obtain nuclear weapons grade uranium from Ukraine

Why Ukraine conspired with Germany to start Germany’s WWIII military campaign

Why Pope Francis condones the Germany provoked war in Ukraine

Every World War is waged by Germany for the Pope (a.k.a. the Crown). Pope Pius XII recruited Germany to wage WWII to defend the “Roman” Catholic faith. Germany slaughtered Jews in Europe and attacked Russia for the Pope (Pius XII). The Pope recruited Germany to wage WWII. Vatican website provides ample evidence to support this.

“as the German people return to religion, bend the knee before Christ, and arming themselves against the enemies of God, again resume the task God has laid upon them.”

… “We grant to you, as a pledge of Divine help, as a support in your difficult resolutions, as a comfort in the struggle, as a consolation in all trials, to You, Bishops and Pastors of the Faithful, priests, Religious, lay apostles of Catholic Action, to all your diocesans, and specially to the sick and the prisoners, in paternal love, Our Apostolic Benediction.”

Given at the Vatican on Passion Sunday, March 14, 1937.


The Popes have for centuries turned to the German monarchies to wage its wars in Europe. The German monarchies included the UK’s 1919 abolished German Saxe-Coburg and Gotha monarchy. Stated in 2017 in Vatican City’s …

From Zachary to Leo III, successive Popes turned to the powerful Frankish and Germanic monarchs, particularly Charlemagne, who was known as the “father of Europe ”, seeking protection against the invading Lombards, Normans and Saracens; in doing so, they invented the Christian West. Thus, from its earliest beginnings, the papacy had close ties to the European events that would influence the world order for centuries to come.

Pope Francis condoned/supports the Germany provoked war in Ukraine because of one reason. Russia does not recognize the authority of the Pope.

The Eastern Orthodox Church is opposed to the Roman Catholic doctrine of papal supremacy. 

It is the position of the Eastern Orthodox Church that it has never accepted the pope as de jure leader of the entire church. All bishops are equal “as Peter“, therefore every church under every bishop (consecrated in apostolic succession) is fully complete (the original meaning of catholic).

Contrary to popular opinion, the word catholic does not mean “universal”; it means “whole, complete, lacking nothing.” … Thus, to confess the Church to be catholic is to say that She possesses the fullness of the Christian faith. To say, however, that Orthodox and Rome constitute “two lungs” of the same Church is to deny that either Church separately is catholic in any meaningful sense of the term. This is not only contrary to the teaching of Orthodoxy, it is flatly contrary to the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, which considered itself truly catholic.

Germany waged World Wars are essentially modern day papal crusades. All waged to revive the Popes’ Holy Roman Empires (Reich’s).