Person who caused the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank is an active member of Germany’s proxy, the World Economic Forum

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) was initiated after Frankfurt Germany born venture capitalist, and political activist Peter Thiel advised startups to withdraw their money. Peter Thiel initiated the run on the bank by withdrawing millions just before the collapse. Peter Thiel’s venture capital firm Founders Fund withdrew all of its money from Silicon Valley Bank on March 9, 2023.

“The venture capital group had been engaging in a “capital call” — where it asked investment partners to send funds to invest in a company  — by transferring funds to its Silicon Valley Bank account. However, the funds didn’t immediately go through as expected.”

Why did Peter Thiel withdraw all of Founders Fund’s money from SVB and then advised SVB startups to do the same? Reasonable suspicion Peter Thiel was instructed by Germany or it’s proxy to trigger the collapse of SVB.

Peter Thiel is an active member of Germany’s proxy, the World Economic Forum (WEF). He is listed as member of the World Economic Forum and WEF’s Young Global Leaders. He has an entire webpage on the WEF website listing his credentials. The screenshot below is of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders website.

“Young Global Leaders engage with leaders outside their community, serving as sounding boards and advisers to international organizations, governments and private institutions. They initiate new dialogues and platforms for action to address global challenges such as climate change, disease prevention, improving education and eradicating poverty. They develop authentic relationships with global peers far outside their traditional professional networks, giving them unique perspectives into world affairs and resulting in personal friendships that allow them to bring about positive change.” WEF founder Klaus Schwab

That means Peter Thiel is a foreign agent. He caused the collapse of the US bank, Silicon Valley Bank, to further Germany’s strategic interests. One of Germany and the WEF’s main mission is the “Great Reset”. The transfer of wealth/money. In Canada Peter Thiel and the World Economic Forum’s actions are called foreign interference.

“Foreign interference involves foreign states, or persons/entities operating on their behalf, attempting to covertly influence decisions, events or outcomes to better suit their strategic interests.” CSIS

Mission objective for Germany and the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset – cause a global banking crisis. Force the U.S. people to bailout Germany and its Fourth Reich EU.

A global banking crisis is being orchestrated to trigger a bail-in. A bail-in steals U.S. bank deposits/savings to bailout Germany’s failing Fourth Reich EU banks.

Germany is intent on stealing $trillions from the U.S. people. The U.S. Federal Reserve doesn’t have $trillions to bailout Germany’s Fourth Reich EU banks. The American people do.

“Dec 9, 2022 — $68 trillion is about to change hands in the U.S. … On the cusp of the greatest generational wealth transfer in history, baby boomers are set to pass more than $68 trillion on to their children.” CNBC