German chancellor Olaf Scholz personally involved in terror financing in Africa

German chancellor Olaf Scholz is personally involved in terror financing in Africa. When he was Germany’s finance minister his office was raided September 9, 2021 because of it. The raid was part of an investigation into the Financial Intelligence Unit, an agency of the finance ministry under then Social Democrat chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz. German prosecutors were investigating millions of euros of suspect transactions to Africa, between 2018 and 2020.

The investigation of Olaf Scholz’s FIU is looking at whether the agency was told to ignore warnings of suspicious payments to Africa. German prosecutors said the investigation was triggered by a report from a Osnabrück (Olaf Scholz’s birthplace) bank to the anti-money laundering agency in June 2018.

The Osnabrück bank cited payments totaling more than €1 million ($1.18 million), which it suspected had to do with weapons and drugs trade and terror financing.

A 2017 report titled “German Arms Export and Child Soldiers” confirmed that the German government is involved in terrorists arming and financing. The cover photo shows a African child soldier carrying a German G3 rifle. Screenshot from the 2017 report:

What motives does the Germany government have to finance terrorists?

  1. financing and arming jihadists in Niger gave the German government an excuse to keep German troops stationed there. Actually deployed more German troops to allegedly help the Niger government fight the Germany backed jihadists.
  2. all German World Wars need fuel to fuel its war machines. Olavf Scholz began to finance the jihadists in oil and gas rich Africa to prepare for the Ukraine Russia war his government provoked by attempting to obtain nuclear weapons grade PU-239 from Ukraine’s Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Olaf Scholz seized control of the African oil and gas by terrorist arming and financing.
  3. states have used terrorism to further their own and the UNs agendas. Stated sponsored terrorist attacks are known as false flags. Germany will no doubt sponsor future terrorist/false flag attacks to further Germany’s UNO agenda – form a World government under German control.

Terrorism has always been state sponsored terrorism. Germany is the root cause of modern day terrorism. The CIA and MI6 were formed using Nazi Germany Gestapo war criminals for that purpose. The CIA and MI6 have both conducted state sponsored terrorism since WWII with the aid and collaboration of Germany and NATO.  The clandestine NATO paramilitary network of terrorists were code-named “Operation Gladio”. NATO Gladio terrorism Ops in Italy was disclosed in 1990 by the Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti in a speech to his nation’s Senate. Since then, European officials have described similar NATO Gladio terrorism operations in most of the other NATO countries.

The 2017 BITS report titled “German Arms Export and Child Soldiers” also confirms that Angela Merkel’s German government armed and financed terrorists in Africa too. Three months after the start of the Saudi Arabia lead Operation Decisive Storm targeting Houthi rebels in Yemen, her German government officially asked Saudi Arabia about supplying German weapons to a third party.