Significant evidence available showing that SARS-CoV-2 outbreak was a WHO simulation exercise

The origin of COVID-19 has never been fully investigated because there is significant evidence available that can be used to demonstrate that the Wuhan China outbreak was part of the WHO conducted Epidemics and Pandemics simulation exercises (SimEx). The WHO website provides the most damning evidence.

The WHO website reported in 2020 that it conducted a number of Epidemics and Pandemics simulation exercises in 2019. The WHO conducted a SimEx 19 Nov 2019 to 22 Nov 2019 throughout Europe including: Albania, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic Of Moldova, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland, Uzbekistan.

On 05 Dec 2019 the WHO conducted Epidemic and Pandemics SimEx in Asia including: Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong SAR (China), Japan, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Macao SAR (China), Malaysia, Mongolia, Republic Of Korea, Singapore, Vietnam.

The data from the WHO’s Epidemics and Pandemic SimEx were used to:

1) initiate the Germany and the WHO devised COVID-19 plandemic and

2) exaggerate the extent and severity of the COVID-19 plandemic.

The WHO Simulation Exercises used actors, fake radio and TV broadcasts to make the WHO’s epidemics and pandemics simulation exercises appear real. Stated in the WHO SIMULATION EXERCISE MANUAL

The WHO conducted 3 Epidemics and Pandemics Simulation Exercises in Asia in 2019.

The WHO conducted epidemics and pandemics SimEX to help it obtain $billions. The Who’s SimEx were conducted and their data used to trick world leaders into giving the UN $billions it needed to avert bankruptcy (the UN declared that it was insolvent in October 2019) and to bankroll the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

To assist the WHO orchestrate the largest medical fraud scheme in history the WHO used tests that were designed and developed by Germany to detect the presence of antibodies, not SARS-CoV-2 itself. The tests the WHO used to test for COVID-19 and to declare a global health emergency didn’t and couldn’t detect SARS-CoV-2 because they were designed and developed by Germany without having SARS-CoV-2 material.

“We aimed to develop and deploy robust diagnostic methodology for use in public health laboratory settings without having virus material available.”

“diagnostic workflow for 2019-nCoV, its design relying on close genetic relatedness of 2019-nCoV with SARS coronavirus, making use of synthetic nucleic acid technology.”

The WHO thereafter instructed world leaders to “assume” that all new cases of respiratory illnesses were COVID-19. The WHO also instructed health officials to falsify medical records and death certificates. Instructed health officials to report all new cases of influenza, bronchitis, TB, and the common cold as COVID-19.

Italy and a number of Canada’s provincial governments (Ontario, Quebec, NB, PEI) used COVID-19 to avert medical malpractice lawsuits. They reported C. diff outbreaks in their hospitals and nursing homes as being caused by COVID-19. C. diff is caused by over prescribing antibiotics.

“Antibiotics kill bacteria that are essential to a balanced immune and digestive system. If a patient is over-exposed to antibiotics, a naturally occurring bacteria called clostridium difficile, also known as C. diff, can overpopulate and cause an infection in the patient called pseudomembranous colitis. This can occur most commonly in hospitals, nursing homes and to those who are taking antibiotics.” Cirignani Heller & Harman, LLP,

The COVID-19 plandemic was devised by Germany and the WHO. They used pandemic simulation exercise videos depicting a novel / fictitious coronavirus outbreak to recruit co-conspirators at the 2017 G2O Summit in Hamburg, Germany.


“We conducted a simulation exercise during our meeting in Berlin in May 2017 in close cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO), as the lead agency for the international community on health emergencies and outbreak response, and the World Bank” Berlin Declaration of the G20 Health Ministers 

Germany and the WHO used blackmail to obtain compliance with their COVID-19 plandemic objectives. The COVID-19 plandemic blueprint, “The 5C Health Emergency Simulation Exercise Package” states that Germany and the WHO could/would resort to blackmail to force countries to comply with Germany and the WHO’s objectives:

“This peer pressure might be increased by officially publishing information on countries’ compliance … Countries not fulfilling their obligations might be perceived by the international community to be violating international law and thus risk reputational damage.”

Stimmel, Stimmel & Roeser:

Blackmail is a crime that involves a threat with an intention to compel a person to do an act against his/her will or to take a person’s money or property. In blackmail, a threat may or may not consist of physical injury to a threatened person or to someone loved by that person. Sometimes a threat may be to injure a person’s reputation.

WHO Simulation Exercise Manual:

Exercises are not one-time events, but should be undertaken as part of a carefully designed exercise program which ensures a common strategic objective is addressed.

The WHO’s common strategic objective was made know during the 2020 World Economic Forum.