The Crown in Canada is and has always been a foreign corporate entity for a foreign government

Of the 3 legal entities that govern Canada:

1) the UK’s 1919 abolished “German” Saxe-Coburg & Gotha monarchy (George V mfg & assumed the House of Windsor name during WWI to conceal the fact that he and his family were Germans)

2) the Crown &

3) the elected Government of Canada,

only the “elected” Government of Canada is lawful. Both the UK’s illegitimate German monarchy and the Crown rule Canada illegally using color of law and color of right.

Color of law refers to the appearance of legal authority or an apparently legal right that may not exist. The term is often used to describe the abuse of power under the guise of state authority, and is therefore illegal.” Cornell Law School

The Crown isn’t the UK’s illegitimate German (Kraut) monarchy. The Crown is and has always been a foreign corporate entity for the reigning Pope. A newly elected Pope is crowned with a tiara (a crown).

Excerpt from the papal coronation ceremony:

Accipe tiaram tribus coronis ornatam, et scias te esse patrem principum et regum, rectorem orbis in terra vicarium Salvatoris nostri Jesu Christi, cui est honor et gloria in saecula saeculorum.

Receive the tiara adorned with three crowns, and know that you are the father of princes and kings, the ruler of the world, the vicar of our Savior Jesus Christ on earth, to whom be all honor and glory, world without end.

Pope Pius XII was crowned just days before Adolf Hitler started WWII for him by invading Poland.

Adolf Hitler waited until Eugenio Pacelli became Pope to launch WWII by invading Poland. The day Nazi German troops invaded Poland newly elected Pope Pius XII gave Adolf Hitler his blessing.

Pope Francis was crowned behind closed doors. He did that to deceive Catholics. He wants Catholics to believe that he is poor. He isn’t. The Crown claims to own, via color of law and color of right, all the Crown corporations and Crown lands in Canada.

The official emblem of the Papacy has a Triple Tiara (a crown) and Keys.

The legal definition of the Crown is a “Corporation sole or aggregate”. Corporation sole means only one person owns the corporation. The aggregates are essentially franchises of the corporation sole.

The reigning Pope uses “the Crown” international trademark because they know that Canadians would never consent to being ruled by them or to being taxed by them. The Pope has Germany rule the Fourth Reich EU for him because the majority of Europeans would more than likely never consent to being ruled by the Pope. Independent polls makes that perfectly clear.