Threat of global warming manufactured to obtain $billions for the Fourth Reich EU

“In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine, etc. would fit the bill” Club of Rome

That means the threat of global warming was invented/manufactured. Germany EU’s report “Green Money: Reclaiming Quantitative Easing, Creating Money for the Common Good” explains in detail why the threat of global warming was manufactured. To obtain $billions for the Fourth Reich EU.

Europe’s economies have still not recovered from the 2008 financial crash. Austerity policies have failed to secure prosperity and employment opportunities, despite some success in calming the finance sector.

However both the EU and member state governments
have generally proved very reluctant to use significant government spending on public services, infrastructure, or welfare benefits as a way out of the crisis. Amongst the consequences, we still see disastrously high rates of unemployment in many EU countries, with figures for Spain and Greece around 25%.

The immediate need for economic revival should be put together with the more long-term need to restructure economies to fit them for what has been called “the great transition” – the historic shift from carbon-intensive and resource-intensive industrial production to smarter and greener ways of working and living. …

No such transitions happen without investment, and without some allocation of resources into making them happen. 2015 is a time both of immediate need for a boost to the economies of Europe and historic need for structural change to help bring about the transition to a sustainable economy.

The Germany controlled EU doesn’t want to use Euros to bailout and restructure its failing EU states. So the EU Parliament/government came up with a plan (called Green QE) to force non EU states to bailout and bankroll the restructuring of the Fourth Reich EU.

Germany EU’s report “Green Money: Reclaiming Quantitative Easing, Creating Money for the Common Good” informed you how the Fourth Reich EU was going to obtain the $billions it needs to restructure its economies.

Perhaps the most politically sensitive question about green QE is where the money would come from. …

The obvious principal body for the purpose of creating the money necessary for green QE is the European Central Bank, working alongside the central banks of the EU member states outside the Eurozone (which include those of the UK, Sweden, and Poland).

There would be no need for the ECB and the national banks to co-ordinate activity on the lending and expenditure of the EIB. All that would be needed is initial agreement on the amounts of money to be created and contributed by each bank. The EU already has formulae to determine member state contributions to funding, and some modification of these could be applied.

The role of the central banks would simply be the creation of the money, through their power of direct credit creation, necessary for the programme to work. In doing so, they would be using monetary policy to avoid economies falling into recession and the possibility of negative or very low inflation.

In order to comply with the provisions of the Maastricht Treaty, the role of the ECB and the other central banks in this programme would have to be strictly limited to the creation of the money necessary to finance it. They would not be involved in the ‘green’ part of the programme, which would be the responsibility of the EIB and national investment banks. The ECB would provide the money to the EIB as one of a number of different means for achieving its inflation target.

Another option would be for the ECB and the other central banks to provide funding to a special purpose vehicle (SPV) linked to the ECB rather than the EIB, with a specific remit for implementing the green QE programme.