Ionosphere heaters are the weapon of choice for Canada’s notorious enemy, Germany

Ionosphere heaters are being used today to inflict widespread damage throughout targeted areas in Canada and the US. They are being used as directed energy weapons (DEW) by Canada’s WWI and WWII enemy. Germany is actively using its ionosphere heaters to not only cause widespread flood damage in Canada, it is using its ionosphere heaters for espionage purposes.

Every ionosphere heater that has been developed by the US, Germany, China and Russia can be used to cause extreme climate change (drought or flooding in a targeted area) as well as for electronic eavesdropping – spying.

“by knowing the frequencies of the various electromagnetic beams employed in the practice of this invention, it is possible not only to interfere with third party communications but to take advantage of one or more such beams to carry out a communications network even though the rest of the world’s communications are disrupted. Put another way, what is used to disrupt another’s communications can be employed by one knowledgeable of this invention as a communications network at the same time. In addition, once one’s own communication network is established, the far-reaching extent of the effects of this invention could be employed to pick up communication signals of other for intelligence purposes. Thus, it can be seen that the disrupting effects achievable by this invention can be employed to benefit by the party who is practicing this invention since knowledge of the various electromagnetic waves being employed and how they will vary in frequency and magnitude can be used to an advantage for positive communication and eavesdropping purposes at the same time.” ionosphere heaters patent

Canada’s Laurentian University magnetometer provides compelling evidence that Canada is being targeted by a foreign state using electronic warfare.

Electronic Warfare (EW) represents the use of electromagnetic signals such as radio, infrared, or radar—to sense, protect, and communicate. At the same time, EW can disrupt, deny and degrade an adversaries’ communications.

Ionosphere heater patent – the patent that Germany used to develop its EISCAT ionosphere heaters, states:

Laurentian University’s magnetometer is recording a sustained EW attack that has been initiated and conducted against Canada by a foreign state. The magnetometer is recording the sustained transmissions of an ionosphere heater (a directed energy weapon).

The magnetometer isn’t recording a solar flare impacting Earth. Flares produce electromagnetic radiation across the electromagnetic spectrum at all wavelengths. The magnetometer is recording sustained radio frequency transmissions – from an ionosphere heater – a directed energy weapon.

Germany is and has been using its EISCAT ionosphere heaters as its weapon of choice for hostile operations against Canada and the United States because ionosphere heaters offer Germany the means to escape blame. Ionosphere heaters give Germany plausible deniability for its WWIII electronic warfare operations against Canada and the United States.

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Canada is being targeted by a foreign state using its ionosphere heater