No statute of limitations for Justin Trudeau’s sexual exploitation of a 17 year old WPGA student

WPGA yearbook provides prima facie evidence that Justin Trudeau had close contact with convicted child sex offender (child pornography, child exploitation) Christopher Charles Ingvaldson at West Point Grey Academy. Justin Trudeau and Christopher Ingvaldson were both teachers and roommates when Justin Trudeau had a tryst with a 17 year old WPGA student. Because they were roommates Christopher Charles Ingvaldson knows who the 17 year old WPGA student was. He’s a  witnesses who can get Justin Trudeau indicted for statuatory rape (sexual exploitation).

In June of 2010 Justin Trudeau’s WPGA coworker and roommate Christopher Ingvaldson was caught and charged during an international police sting of a child porn ring that spanned three countries and used Facebook.

When Justin Trudeau’s West Point Grey Academy coworker and roommate Christopher Charles Ingvaldson was charged as a sex offender there were no plaintiffs. He was charged as a result of the police sting. Police don’t need plaintiffs only a witness and/or reasonable suspicion a person has committed a crime to lay charges.

Because there is no statute of limitations for sexual assault (statuatory rape) the police can charge Justin Trudeau if a witness, witnesses or a confidential informant provides the police with information that Justin Trudeau committed the offence of sexual exploitation while teaching at WPGA.

Material witness replying to @presscoreca June 22, 2020 on Twitter

“Sophie said she & Justin are not getting divorced. This is all just based on a tryst Justin had with a student after his father died. She was 17, but the legal age was 14 in Canada at the time. The age of consent was raised to 16 in 2008 by Stephen Harper. It’s nonsense.”

Justin Trudeau having a tryst with a 17 year old student is a criminal offence of statutory rape. Statutory rape makes it unlawful to have sex with a minor under the “age of consent.”

You now know why in 2018 PM Justin Trudeau didn’t want anyone investigating the 2000 groping incident.

Justin Trudeau says there is no need to conduct an investigation into an allegation that he inappropriately touched a female reporter in British Columbia

A U.K. Conservative MP was arrested in May of 2022 on suspicion of rape and sexual assault offences.

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said: “A man was arrested on suspicion of indecent assault, sexual assault, rape, abuse of position of trust and misconduct in a public office.”

The alleged sexual offences were committed between 2002 and 2009 in London. The alleged sexual offences began 20 years ago.

That means Justin Trudeau could also be charged and arrested today on suspicion of sexual assault, rape, and abuse of position of trust for the tryst that Justin Trudeau had with a 17 year old WPGA student. The RCMP have a witness and her witness testimony is available on Twitter. The witness has made it appear that her source of information is Justin Trudeau’s wife, Sophie.

A second tweet by the material witness on the same day she confirmed that Justin Trudeau sexually assaulted a 17 year old WPGA student implies she knows Sophie and that she talked to Sophie directly. In the second tweet to @presscoreca the material witness again emphasized that “Sophie said she & Justin ARE NOT getting divorced”.

“Sophie is staying at Harrington Lk. It was tough, quarantined with 3 kids 24/7. Sophie said she & Justin ARE NOT getting divorced. Dealing with Canada’s Covid-19 crisis caused them stress.”

The material witness informed at least 2 Twitter account holders that Justin Trudeau had a tryst with a female WPGA student. The material witness informed the two in a Twitter reply. The two Twitter accounts have since been suspended.

One of the two informed Twitter accounts was PRESS Core – @presscoreca. The material witness was replying to a tweet that Justin Trudeau and Sophie were separated. It was confirmed via Twitter on October 21, 2019 (2019 federal election day) that Justin Trudeau and Sophie were separated.

No immunity from arrest or prosecution for MP Justin Trudeau

The Parliament of Canada website informs Canadians and Ontario police officers that Justin Trudeau can be charged and imprisoned for sexual assault, rape, and abuse of position of trust.

Freedom from arrest has been confined to civil cases and does not entitle a Member to evade criminal law.

Any incident of a criminal nature in which a Member has been charged is not a matter where immunity from arrest will protect that Member. Matters of a criminal nature would include treason, felonies, all indictable offences, …

Members cannot claim freedom from arrest or imprisonment on a criminal charge. A Member of the House of Commons is in exactly the same position as any other citizen if he or she is suspected of, charged with, or found guilty of a crime, provided that it is unrelated to proceedings in Parliament.

The offences are unrelated to proceedings in Parliament. The deplorable offences were committed over 20 years ago when Justin Trudeau was a teacher at WPGA.