Arrest of RCMP Director General Cameron Jay Ortis linked to NSICOP investigation of Germany’s foreign agent Chrystia Freeland

2 RCMP AP Raven drones & several RCMP cruisers (Wifi Hotspots) were detected near Mountain Top Motel where National Counterintelligence Organization (NCIO) Director Paul W Kincaid was staying on September 18, 2019.

The RCMP surveillance operation was conducted just 5 days after Justin Trudeau had the General Director General of the RCMP’s National Intelligence co-ordination centre (NICC), Cameron Jay Ortis “charged with unauthorized communication of special operational information and preparatory acts … as well as communicating or confirming “special operational information” to an unspecified entity or individual. “.

The timing of the arrest and charges of the RCMP’s Director General of NICC coincided with a NSICOP investigation of foreign interference activities in Canada. The NSICOP investigation involved Chrystia Freeland and Foreign Affairs Canada.

NSICOP is mandated to investigate Member of Parliament and their departments. NSICOP investigates:

any activity carried out by a department that relates to national security or intelligence, unless the activity is an ongoing operation and the appropriate Minister determines that the review would be injurious to national security;

any matter relating to national security or intelligence that a minister of the Crown refers to NSICOP

NSICOP was investigating foreign interference activities in Canada involving Chrystia Freeland. The investigation was launched after Chrystia Freeland was awarded Germany’s prestigious Warburg award in December 2018. The award is only bestowed to German aristocrats and German collaborators.

NSICOP submitted its “classified” 2019 Annual Report to Justin Trudeau on August 30, 2019. At the time, the document was classifed as ‘Top Secret/Special Intelligence/Canadian Eyes Only/CODEWORD.’

Days later on September 11, 2019 called a federal election for 21 October 2019. Trudeau called the election to delay the tabling of a “declassified” NSICOP report in the House of Commons.

Section 21(6) of the NSICOP Act requires that the Prime Minister table declassified versions of the reports within 30 sitting days of the resumption of Parliament. Until then, their contents remain classified.

The REDACTED NSICOP report named China and Russia as foreign states that were engaging in “significant and sustained foreign interference activities” in Canada. Germany was named too but Justin Trudeau REDACTED Germany from both the classified and declassified version of the NSICOP report.

We know Justin Trudeau REDACTED Germany because in 2019 MP Chrystia Freeland was recruited by Germany and it’s proxy the World Economic Forum to further Germany’s interests and political agendas.

What the World Economic Forum and Germany did by recruiting Chrystia Freeland in January and April of 2019 respectively is defined by CSIS as foreign interference. The following excerpt was copied and pasted, word for word, from the Government of Canada website.

Foreign interference involves foreign states, or persons/entities operating on their behalf, attempting to covertly influence decisions, events or outcomes to better suit their strategic interests. In many cases, clandestine influence operations are meant to deceptively influence Government of Canada policies, officials or democratic processes in support of foreign political agendas.

This activity can include cultivating influential people to sway decision-making, spreading disinformation on social media, and seeking to covertly influence the outcome of elections. These threats can target all levels of government (federal, provincial, municipal) across Canada.

RCMP Director General Cameron Jay Ortis contributed to the NSICOP’s special investigation of Germany’s foreign agent Chrystia Freeland. Remarks by the Hon. David McGuinty, P.C., M.P., Chair of the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians on the
tabling in Parliament of the NSICOP 2019 Annual Report and Special
Report, March 12, 2020 stated:

This review examined:

1. the threat facing Canada from foreign interference; and,

2. the government’s response to that threat.

On both fronts, the Committee heard testimony from dozens of officials from the Canadian
security and intelligence community, reviewed thousands of pages of documentation, both
classified and open source, and deliberated at great length.

The NSICOP investigation of Chrystia Freeland was initiated in 2019. Justin Trudeau delayed tabling NSICOP’s “Special Report on the National Security and Intelligence Activities of Global Affairs Canada” until November 2022.

Justin Trudeau called the 2019 federal election to conceal NSICOP finding that both Germany and Chrystia Freeland are a significant threat to the security of Canada. Portions of the NSICOP’s “Special Report on the National Security and Intelligence Activities of Global Affairs Canada” were REDACTED and deleted by Justin Trudeau for that purpose.

A reasonable person would conclude that Cameron Jay Ortis was arrested and charged “for communicating or confirming special operational information” pertaining to NSICOP’s investigation of Chrystia Freeland.

to an unspecified entity or individual.”