Chrystia Freeland defined as a war criminal for financing and arming Ukraine government’s mercenaries

A war criminal is defined as a “person who has carried out an act during the conduct of a war that violates accepted international rules of war.” Chrystia Freeland is a war criminal because she is providing funding/financing and weapons for Ukraine’s illegal recruitment and use of mercenaries in the Germany Ukraine provoked war in Ukraine.

A Canadian civilian who is a Ukraine government paid mercenary informed me at a motel outside of Moncton NB that he was recruited and paid by the Ukraine government to fight and kill Russians in Ukraine. The Ukraine government’s mercenary operations aren’t restricted to killing Russian soldiers. He claims they (Ukraine government’s mercenaries) have the support of the Canadian government. He’s preparing to redeploy to Ukraine as a Ukraine government paid mercenary on November 14, 2022.

The Ukraine government paid mercenary is pictured in the above screenshot. He’s training to use his recently purchased night vision goggle that’s mounted on a tactical ballistic helmet he purchased online. That helmet has a Ukraine military patch and a Canadian flag patch. He was instructed by the Ukraine government to put the Canadian flag patch on his helmet and ballistic vest – to impersonate a Canadian Armed Forces soldier in battle = crime of perfidy. The mercenary doesn’t realize he’s going to lose his head/life if he uses that night vision goggle in combat. A camera (cell phone camera or CCTV) can detect the night vision goggle’s beam of light.

Chrystia Freeland provided funding and weapons to the Ukraine government are used to finance and arm mercenaries. Chrystia Freeland and the Ukraine government are war criminals because their actions violates “accepted international rules of war.”

UN Human Rights

“International law prohibits the use of mercenaries in armed conflict and certain peaceful situations.”

Hague Convention (V) Respecting the Rights and Duties of Neutral Powers and Persons in Case of War on Land

Art. 4. Corps of combatants cannot be formed nor recruiting agencies opened on the territory of a neutral Power to assist the belligerents.

Art. 5. A neutral Power (Canada) must not allow any of the acts referred to in Articles 2 to 4 to occur on its territory.


Neutral Persons

Art. 16. The nationals of a State which is not taking part in the war are considered as neutrals.

Art. 17. A neutral cannot avail himself of his neutrality

(a) If he commits hostile acts against a belligerent;

(b) If he commits acts in favor of a belligerent, particularly if he voluntarily enlists in the ranks of the armed force of one of the parties.

International Convention against the Recruitment, Use, Financing and Training of Mercenaries, 4 December 1989

Affirming that the recruitment, use, financing and training of mercenaries should be considered as offences of grave concern to all States and that any person committing any of these offences should be either prosecuted or extradited

Article 2

Any person who recruits, uses, finances or trains mercenaries, as defined in article 1 of the present Convention, commits an offence for the purposes of the Convention.

Article 5

States Parties (Ukraine) shall not recruit, use, finance (Chrystia Freeland) or train mercenaries and shall prohibit such activities in accordance with the provisions of the present Convention