2006 designed and developed FuelReducer mpg+ increased fuel efficiency plus reduced CO2 emissions without paying premium gas prices

A simple device was designed and developed in 2006 to increase fuel efficiency plus reduce CO2 emissions, without paying premium gas prices. The FuelReducer mpg+ was the 1st energy technology device designed, developed & sold by Paul W Kincaid. Designed and developed to increase fuel efficiency + lower CO2 emissions. The device was sold throughout Canada and the US from 2006 to 2010 via the fuelreducer.ca website.

The FuelReducer mpg + added 2 to 8 mpg (miles per gallon) to a vehicle’s fuel efficiency, plus (+) it lowered carbon emissions.

The FuelReducer mpg + was designed and developed 17 years ago to reduce fuel consumption. A reduction in fuel consumption is healthier for you, your wallet, your vehicle and the environment.

The FuelReducer mpg + converted liquid fuel flow from high volume flow into a slightly reduced fine centralized stream. The output fuel pressure was automatically increased due to the Venturi effect.

The Venturi effect describes how the velocity of a fluid increases as the cross section of the container it flows in decreases.

A modified version of the FuelReducer mpg+ clearly demonstrates how the device utilizes the Venturi effect to reduce fuel consumption.

The original FuelReducer mpg + and the FuelReducer V2 have a specific internal diameter to reduce the amount of fuel flow. Decreasing fuel flow = increased mpg.

In 2008 the FuelReducer Oi was designed and developed for oil furnaces. They were designed to reduce oil heating costs. They were installed on oil furnaces and boilers in Moncton NB and tested. The FuelReducer Oi were never sold due to lack of funds to mass produce them.

The FuelReducer mpg+ stopped selling in 2010 due to lack of funds to manufacture the FuelReducer V2 – designed specifically for newer vehicles with plastic fuel lines. The original FuelReducer mpg+ was designed for vehicles with metal fuel lines.