Carbon tax revenue going to bankroll the Fourth Reich EU and the Vatican

Published on: July 9, 2023

Both the Catholic Church and the EU are broke. The Catholic Church is broke because since 1970, weekly church attendance has steadily dropped, and the number of people who have left the Catholic Church has increased more than 10 fold – from under 2 million in 1975 to over 30 million today.

Compounding the Catholic Church’s financial crisis is the $billions that have been paid out to settle priests’ child sexual abuse claims. The Catholic Church has been forced to sell off assets to pay its bills and lawsuits.

“According to an unreleased Cardus and Angus Reid Institute survey looking at Canada’s shifting religious landscape, in 2018, around 23 per cent of Catholics attended mass, said Ray Pennings, executive vice president of Cardus. In 2019, these numbers dropped to about 19 per cent and in 2020, after the pandemic hit, attendance at Catholic masses fell to 12 per cent.” National Post, The state of the Catholic Church in Canada, amid scandals and declining attendance, Published Jul 18, 2022

An increasing number of churches have been sold to compensate for empty pews. The diocesan centre in Dieppe, New Brunswick Canada which used to be the home of the archbishop, was sold. The archbishop went on record and stated that there’s virtually no money is left in the church’s coffers.

“We sold things, and now we’re at a point … we’ve taken all the money that we have,” Moncton NB Archbishop Valery Vienneau.

“We had money — the diocese had money, but doesn’t anymore.”

The CBC reported that the archdiocese of Moncton might be forced to declare bankruptcy. Archbishop Vienneau noted the archdiocese’s only remaining assets are church buildings and the occasional monastery or convent. The prelate is quoted,

“And to say that the bankruptcy would fix things is, I think, quite improbable. Because there are no assets left except the churches themselves. And I don’t know who would want to buy a church.”

The sole purpose of the Pope Francis devised climate change hoax – Laudato Si was to obtain $1 trillion a year to save/revive the bankrupt Catholic Church and the EU. That failed because national leaders wouldn’t sign Pope Francis pledge to give the Catholic Church and the EU $trillion a year so Pope Francis and the UN came up with imposing a carbon tax to force non-EU states to bailout / save the insolvent / bankrupt Catholic Church and it Fourth Reich EU.

The EU was formed for the Vatican.

The following publication that was financed by the European Union, and L’Osservatore Romano provides ample evidence that the EU was formed to be the Fourth Holy Roman Empire. Note the publication date on the cover of the publication – “Vatican City, 2017”.

Throughout this long and difficult journey, the Popes of the Catholic Church have accompanied the men and women who worked to construct Europe with their encouragement, their warnings and their spiritual guidance. This has been true since the very foundation of the European Union was laid with the blessing given by Pope Pius XII to the leaders of our six founding Member States gathering in Rome for the signature of the Treaties in 1957.

From Zachary to Leo III, successive Popes turned to the powerful Frankish and Germanic monarchs, particularly Charlemagne, who was known as the “father of Europe ”, seeking protection against the invading Lombards, Normans and Saracens; in doing so, they invented the Christian West. Thus, from its earliest beginnings, the papacy had close ties to the European events that would influence the world order for centuries to come.

Note that publication states that the Popes have turned to the powerful Frankish and Germanic monarchs, to wage it’s wars. WWI and WWII were waged by Germany for the reigning Popes. The UK’s German monarchy conspired with it’s German cousins in Germany to wage WWI for the Pope.

The Vatican provides you with irrefutable proof that Germany waged WWI and WWII for the Pope (the Crown). The following excerpt makes it abundantly clear that the Pope enlisted Germany to wage WWII. “Again resume” means resume WWI which technically never ended. Germany didn’t surrender. Both sides signed an armistice – an agreement in which both sides agree to stop fighting, rather than a surrender. It is not necessarily the end of a war, as it may constitute only a cessation of hostilities.

“as the German people return to religion, bend the knee before Christ, and arming themselves against the enemies of God, again resume the task God has laid upon them.” ENCYCLICAL OF POPE PIUS XI, March 14, 1937

The Reich Concordat was drafted and signed in Rome – on July 20, 1933, to form and regulate a war alliance between the Nazi German Third Reich and the Holy See.

The signing was done by Vice Chancellor Franz von Papen for Germany and by Cardinal State Secretary Eugenio Pacelli for the Holy See. Cardinal State Secretary Eugenio Pacelli later became Pope Pius XII.

Cardinal State Secretary Eugenio Pacelli (Pope Pius XII) & his Nazi German guards.

Adolf Hitler waited until Eugenio Pacelli became Pope to launch WWII by invading Poland. The day Nazi German troops invaded Poland newly elected Pope Pius XII gave Adolf Hitler his blessing.

On December 11, 1941 Italy and Germany simultaneously declared war against the United States of America.

Italy switched sides after surrendering to Allied troops in 1943.

To help save the bankrupt Catholic Church and the EU the Vatican enlisted the UK’s illegitimate German monarchy to impose and collect a carbon tax in the UK and Canada for the Vatican and the EU. Carbon tax revenue is being collected to bankroll the Vatican and the EU.

No queen or king of/in Canada

Kraut Elizabeth II was never queen because she forfeited the Crown during her coronation by breaking the UK law that forbids all UK monarchs from becoming a Catholic, professing the Catholic faith or holding communion with the Catholic Church. During her coronation she professed the popish religion. Elizabeth II and everyone in attendance sung the professing of the Catholic faith.

Coronation transcript in “the Abbey Church of St. Peter, Westminster, on Tuesday, the second day of June, 1953″:

And the Gospel ended, shall be sung the Creed following, the Queen with the people standing, as before. …

And I believe one Catholic and Apostolic Church. …

Elizabeth II became a Catholic during the coronation by accepting the ring that represents the “seal of Catholic faith”.

Note that the ring is known as the the “wedding ring”. It signifies the monarch’s unfaithful and unlawful marriage to the Catholic Church.

Kraut Charles isn’t king because he too violated the UK’s Act of Settlement law during his coronation. The Westminster Abbey is a Catholic Church and it professes the Catholic faith.

Westminster Abbey’s Declaration of Assent states:

“The Church of England is part of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, worshipping the one true God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It professes the (Catholic) faith”

Kraut Charles held communion with the Church of Rome during his coronation. The Westminster Abbey website provided irrefutable evidence that Charles held communion with the Church of Rome on May 6, 2023. Excerpt from Westminster Abbey website states:

“coronations take place within a Communion service or Eucharist. The monarch is crowned in the name of God, surrounded by prayer, and the first thing that the newly-crowned monarch does is receive Holy Communion as a sign of his dependency on God.”

During the coronation Kraut Charles professed the popish religion and accepted and wore the Catholic Church ring – the seal of Catholic faith. There’s documented proof. The transcript of the coronation.

According to the Act of Settlement law there is no trial, house debate or committee hearing to challenge the law. The forfeiture of the Crown is immediate, absolute and it is forever.

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