The Crown in Canada is the Vatican Mafia, formed for the sole purpose of defrauding Canadians

The Catholic Church has long been associated with the Mafia. The majority of mafia families in Italy, the United States, Canada and Europe are devout Roman Catholics. The godfather of all mafia families throughout the World is the reigning Pope. He’s the godfather of the largest mafia criminal organization in the World. In Canada, the UK, and Australia it’s called “the Crown“.

The Mafia was originally formed by Rome in 241 BC as a Roman economic and social system called Latifundia – a feudal formation creating a hierarchy of personnel and a system of taxation.  The latifundia also set up a new system of justice to protect the newly imposed economic and social system. The Latifundia system of justice exists today across Canada. They serve the Crown, a.k.a. the Vatican Mafia. The RCMP serve the Crown as a soldato or soldier.

“36. For the purposes of determining liability in any proceedings by or against the Crown, a person who was at any time a member of the Canadian Forces or of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police shall be deemed to have been at that time a servant of the Crown.” Crown Liability and Proceedings Act

Pope Francis regularly berates Italy and Sicily’s mafia families. He isn’t condemning them. He’s reminding them that they serve him. The ‘Ndrangheta mafia, centered in Calabria, serves the Pope. They use the Vatican bank, officially called the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR), to launder money to and for the Pope.

‘Ndrangheta men who invest and recycle money, those with real power, are getting upset because they have prospered for years on the connivance with the Church,” Reggio Calabria District Attorney Nicola Gratteri

The Vatican Bank is and has always been used for money laundering. The Vatican Bank was founded in 1942 by Pope Pius XII to manage assets Führer (Father) Adolf Hiltler looted from Jews, Russians and from occupied Europe during Pope Pius II’s ordained Third Reich (Third Holy Roman Empire) WWII.

There is compelling evidence that WWII was waged by Germany and Italy for Pope Pius XII. Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli was crowned on March 12, 1939 on the eve of Hitler’s march into Prague. Six days before his coronation Cardinal Pacelli held a crucial meeting with the German cardinals. The meeting was to affirm Hitler publicly with a letter Pope Pius XII addressed to Adolf Hitler:

To the illustrious, Herr Adolf Hitler, Führer and Chancellor of the German Reich!

Here at the beginning of our pontificate we wish to assure you that we remain devoted to the spiritual welfare of the German people entrusted to your leadership. For them we implore God the Almighty to grant them that true felicity which springs from religion.

We recall with great pleasure the many years we spent in Germany as Apostolic Nuncio, when we did all in our power to establish harmonious relations between Church and State. Now that the responsibilities of our pastoral function have increased our opportunities, how much more ardently do we pray to reach that goal.

May the prosperity of the German people and their progress in every domain come, with God’s help, to fruition!

Given this day, 6th March 1939, in Rome at St. Peter’s in the first year of our pontificate.

Pope Pius XII

The Vatican website provides the most compelling evidence that Germany was recruited by the Pope to wage both WWI and WWII. The Reich Concordat established the WWII war alliance between the Holy See and Germany.

arming themselves against the enemies of God, again resume the task God has laid upon them.”

The Vatican Mafia connection and existence was made abundantly clear when Pope Paul VI’s appointment Mafia don Michele Sindona as the Vatican banker to manage the Vatican’s foreign investments.

The Vatican Mafia operates throughout Canada today as “Crown Corporation”. The Vatican Mafia infiltrated the Canadian government with the aid of our most prominent elected representatives.  Our elected representatives willingly, willfully and underhandedly betray Canada, the Canadian people, their electorates and even their faith by serving the Catholic Church Pope (the Crown).  Our elected representatives willingly, willfully,  underhandedly and illegally have “all” been aiding and abetting the Pope form business-orientated “Mafia Crown Corporations” throughout Canada.  The Mafia Crown Corporations are now accumulating wealth for the Catholic Church Pope by fraudulent business and legal practices and with the aid of our elected representatives.

Vatican Mafia Crown Corporations are being created without public knowledge or consent and all are being funded using public funding they illicitly acquire from our elected representatives.  Justin Trudeau is the current prime servant (minister) of the Vatican Mafia in Canada.  Justin Trudeau is illegally using his political office to steal $billions from public funding to finance the Vatican Mafia Crown Corporations and money launder the illicit funds to the Vatican Mafia godfather in Vatican City.

Rather than openly collect protection money from Canadian businesses and the public sector, as they do in southern cities like Naples and Palermo Italy, our elected representatives form Vatican Mafia Crown Corporations for the Catholic Church Pope and are laundering the proceeds of crime through the various Vatican Mafia Crown Corporations to the Pope.

Justin Trudeau helped the Vatican Mafia, a.k.a. the Crown, become the largest drug cartel in Canada by making the manufacturing, distribution and trafficking of marijuana by the Crown legal. Manufacturing, distribution and trafficking of marijuana by any Canadian or group of Canadians is still illegal. For that reason the Crown is defined as a criminal organization.

The foreign corporate entity, head of state and Canada’s World War I (Vatican Second Reich) and World War II (Vatican Third Reich) enemy, the Crown, uses Crown Corporations to not only extort, steal and money launder $billions from Canadians and their businesses, the Crown also uses Crown Corporations to unlawfully seize and assume control of our governments.  The Crown (since 1855 represents the corporate interests and holdings of the Catholic Church Pope) and his Crown Corporations have infiltrated and subverted all national and provincial government departments and agencies and have assumed control of all major public service enterprises of national importance including; public utilities, mail service, natural resources, transportation, trade and banking as well as complete control (regulates) of firearms, tobacco, alcohol and gambling.

The Pope is unlawfully seizing and assuming control of properties, companies and commercial businesses, that are often not on the market, in which he takes over using public funding gained from criminal sources in our federal and provincial government – the Governor General, PM Justin Trudeau, giving his newly imposed Vatican Mafia Crown Corporation(s) the appearance of legality.

Crown Corporations are without a doubt organized criminal organizations. Vatican Mafia business enterprises which are set up for one purpose.  To defraud Canadians and the Canadian private sector for the Vatican Mafia and its godfather – the Pope.

Today, Rome has imposed a Latifundia (Mafia) economic and social system in and throughout Canada with a hierarchy of personnel and a system of taxation that solely benefits the Vatican and its self-proclaimed godfather head of state – the Pope.

The Pope’s mafia hierarchy personnel in Canada includes the Governor General, Prime Minister (minister means servant) Justin Trudeau, the Governor of the Crown Corporation Bank of Canada, the Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer of the Canada Revenue Agency, the Commissioner of the RCMP – the Vatican Mafia’s soldiers, the Director of CSIS, President and Chief Executive Officer of Canada Post Crown Corporation, … and all Vatican Mafia Crown Corporation heads and their employees.

Our elected representatives, courts and law enforcement personnel are either unable or unwilling to perform their civic, administrative, legal and patriotic duty and act in the interest of the Canadian people or in the national interest. All are negligent in their duty to serve, protect and defend Canada and the Canadian people against all unlawful acts and omission against Canada and its people by a foreign organized criminal syndicate – the Pope and his Vatican Mafia Crown Corporations.

Your hometown boys and girls in government, the judicial system, the military or law enforcement might have wanted to became a politician, judge, lawyer, soldier or law enforcement officer with the intent on doing good or to serve, protect and defend Canada and Canadians but that isn’t what they’ve become or what they now do. All have become agents and soldiers for the Catholic Church and its Vatican Mafia in Canada.  They serve, protect and defend the “corporate” interests and polices of the Vatican Mafia godfather – the Pope.  Most are forced to work for or are unaware that they are actually working for an organized criminal syndicate or that they have betrayed their faith by serving the Catholic Church.

A few of your mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, brothers and sister or friends have gotten where they are as Prime Minister, Premier, Minister, Commissioner, Governor, Attorney General, Supreme Court judge, Director or  Chief Executive Officer, not because of any dedicated hard work or honorable deed they have done in the service to their country and fellow citizens.  They got there because they sold out their country, their fellow Canadians, their faith and their soul to the Crown (Catholic Church Pope), for a worthless expiring title. Some have simply taken monetary bribes from the Crown and have since stolen $billions, subverted government and the rule of law for the Crown.

The ones who have willfully and knowingly betrayed Canada and its people for a temporary position of authority and/or title in government or Vatican Mafia Crown Corporation are not only traitors and criminals they are the dumbest people in Canada.  They implement and enforce the defrauding policies of the Crown only to be subject to those very same thieving and extortionate policies throughout their tenure and after they are voted out of or leave office or retire.  When they are no longer Prime Minister, Premier, Minister, Commissioner, Governor, Attorney General, Supreme Court/ Crown judge, Director, Chief Executive Officer, lawyer, mayor, Crown serving soldier or police officer, all will be forced, for the rest of their lives, to owe and pay taxes to the thieving foreign corporate entity, the Crown.  All who once served the Crown, will, for the rest of their lives, be unlawfully denied their rights and freedoms, be unlawfully regulated and abused by the Crown and have their “private” property and all of their savings taken by the Crown.

The traitorous agents of the Crown’s Mafia in Canada become victims the moment they no longer actively serve the Crown as Prime Minister, Premier, Minister, Commissioner, Governor, Attorney General, Supreme Court/ Crown judge, Director, Chief Executive Officer, lawyer, mayor, soldier or police officer.  Their arrogance, greed and betrayal will cost them dearly, in the end.  Not only do they become victims of the Crown after they leave office, all of their family members, friends and neighbors become victims of the fraudulent and thieving policies they implemented for the Crown.

What our elected representatives, judges, and law enforcement agencies are doing to illegally accumulate wealth and further the business interests of the foreign corporate entity called the Crown violates the laws of Canada and causes detrimental harm to the national security and economic prosperity of Canada and all Canadians.  Isn’t it about time we put the Crown and his Vatican Mafia Crown Corporations out of business?