The Crown remains the number one threat to Canada’s Independence

Foreign agent hiding in plain sight. The dishonourable Governor General.

Foreign interference occurs in Canada during every federal and provincial election. This foreign interference rigs the outcome of every election. The foreign entity, the Crown, establishing the office of Governor General is irrefutable evidence of foreign interference in Canada. The office of the Governor General is always formed arbitrarily. The foreign entity of a foreign government establishes the office of Governor General to deprive Canadians of their right to elect a democratic representative government.

“Foreign interference is a complex national security threat. It poses a significant threat to the integrity of our political systems, democratic processes, social cohesion, academic freedom, economic prosperity and challenges Canadians’ rights and freedoms.” CSIS, Foreign Interference and You

In 1982 Canada became a wholly independent nation. Independence is a condition of a nation, country, or state, in which residents and population, or some portion thereof, exercise self-government, and usually sovereignty, over its territory. Immediately after Canada became an independent nation, the foreign entity, the Crown arbitrarily reestablished the office of the Governor General and forced every politician in Canada to swear allegiance to a German monarchy that was forever abolished in 1919.

The “Letters Patent Constituting the Office of Governor General” establishes arbitrary rule in Canada. The office has never been formed according to law.

And We do declare Our Will and pleasure as follows:

… We do hereby constitute, order, and declare that there shall be a Governor General and Commander-in-Chief in and over Canada, and appointments to the Office of Governor General and Commander-in-Chief in and over Canada shall be made by Commission under Our Great Seal of Canada.

… And We do hereby authorize and empower Our Governor General, with the advice of Our Privy Council for Canada or of any members thereof or individually, as the case requires, to exercise all powers and authorities lawfully belonging to Us in respect of Canada

No matter who Canadians elect as Prime Minister or Premier, the foreign entity, the Crown, subverts the laws and the principals of democracy by arbitrarily appointing a Governor General to be Canada’s “head of state” and “Commander-in-chief” of Canada’s Armed Forces and RCMP. Canadians are deprived of their right to choose their head of state and commander-in-chief because the arbitrarily “appointed” Governor General remains in office before, during and after each and every election.

As of Oct 1, 1947, with the Letters Patent Constituting the Office of Governor General, every elected Government of Canada has been overthrown and an arbitrary rule government installed.

The Governor General is, for all intent and purposes, a dictatorship, a Marxist regime, and single-party government installed by the foreign entity, the Crown.

In Canada elections are staged to give the Crown the aura of legitimacy. In Canada there is only one candidate, the Crown, who is represented by the Crown appointed Governor General.

Canadian elections offer several candidates, but through the Letters Patent Constituting the Office of Governor General only the Crown appointed candidate, the Governor General, always remains Canada’s “head of state” and “Commander-in-chief”.

Canada’s elections are staged to appear to offer genuine choices but the fact remains, after every election the Crown appointed Governor General remains in power. Because Canada’s “head of state” and “Commander-in-chief” is appointed, not elected, and he or she remains in power before and after the election Canada does not have democratic elections.

This foreign interference by the foreign entity, the Crown, has the effect of a coup d’état. Every Governor General who serves the Crown as Governor General is a traitor. They betray Canada and every Canadians by being the Crown’s foreign agent in Canada.

The Office of the Governor General is deemed unlawful by Canada’s supreme law, the Constitution Act, 1982. The Government of Canada states:

The principles of fundamental justice include the principles against arbitrariness, overbreadth and gross disproportionality. A deprivation of a right will be arbitrary and thus unjustifiably limit section 7 if it “bears no connection to” the law’s purpose (Bedfordsupra, at paragraph 111; Rodriguezsupra at 594-95; Malmo-Levine, supra at paragraph 135; Chaoulli, supra at paragraphs 129-30 and 232; A.C., supra, at paragraph 103).

Constitution Act, 1982

52. (1) The Constitution of Canada is the supreme law of Canada, and any law that is inconsistent with the provisions of the Constitution is, to the extent of the inconsistency, of no force or effect

Unlike most of the rights conferred by the Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Canadian’s democratic rights cannot be overridden by the use of section 33, the “notwithstanding clause.”.

However, the majority of Canadians don’t know or realize their right to vote is invalidated during every election by a foreign entity that represents a foreign power. No “elected” MP can take their seat in the House of Commons until they swear allegiance to a foreign power (the UK’s 1919 German monarchy) and take a secret oath to serve a foreign entity, the Crown.

The preamble to The Constitution Act, 1982 states:

“Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law”

The Crown and the UK’ German monarchy aren’t mentioned in the preamble because they both represent a foreign government. Both use color of law and color of right to arbitrarily rule Canada and Canadians.

“Color of law refers to the appearance of legal authority or an apparently legal right that may not exist. The term is often used to describe the abuse of power under the guise of state authority, and is therefore illegal.” Cornell Law School

The rule of law principle provides a shield for Canadians from arbitrary state action.

“The rule of law vouchsafes to the citizens and residents of the country a stable, predictable and ordered society in which to conduct their affairs. It provides a shield for individuals from arbitrary state action.” Reference re Secession of Quebec, [1998] 2 S.C.R. 217 at para. 70


Trudeau Foundation used by Germany for foreign interference activities during 2015 federal election

Published on: May 11, 2023

Foreign interference activities by Germany influenced the 2015 federal election. Donations to the Trudeau Foundation during the 2015 federal election campaign were made to promote and influence one specific election campaign candidate – Justin Trudeau.

A $928,000 gift to the Trudeau Foundation from European Climate Foundation founder and EU climate change lobbyist McCall MacBain to 2015 federal election candidate Justin Trudeau was offered to obtain $2.65 billion from the Government of Canada.

The gift, $428,000 in 2015 (Justin Trudeau was a 2015 federal election candidate) & another $500,000 donation in 2016 by McCall MacBain (was the concurrent Chair of the Trudeau Foundation and the Chair of the European Climate Foundation) is defined by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act as Foreign Influenced Activities, which is another term for Foreign Interference.

“Foreign interference includes harmful activities undertaken by foreign states, or those acting on its behalf, that are clandestine, deceptive, or involve a threat to any person to advance the strategic objectives of those states to the detriment of Canada’s national interests.” Public Safety Canada

Both Justin Trudeau and McCall MacBain broke the law during the 2015 federal election campaign. The gifts constitutes a bribe.

  •  (1) Every one is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years who

    • (a) being the holder of a judicial office, or being a member of Parliament or of the legislature of a province, directly or indirectly, corruptly accepts, obtains, agrees to accept or attempts to obtain, for themselves or another person, any money, valuable consideration, office, place or employment in respect of anything done or omitted or to be done or omitted by them in their official capacity, or

    • (b) directly or indirectly, corruptly gives or offers to a person mentioned in paragraph (a), or to anyone for the benefit of that person, any money, valuable consideration, office, place or employment in respect of anything done or omitted or to be done or omitted by that person in their official capacity.

McCall MacBain indirectly paid a member of Parliament almost a $million to influence (solicit) Justin Trudeau to pledge, in his official capacity as Prime Minister of Canada, $2.65 billion to climate change. Just one month after being elected Justin Trudeau pledged $2.65 billion to climate change.

The Conflict of Interest Act & Canada Elections Act prohibited the 2015 election candidate MP Justin Trudeau and the Trudeau Foundation from accepting the $928,000 gift from EU climate change lobbyist McCall MacBain.

Elections Canada

Prohibition on using foreign funds

“A third party must not use funds from a foreign entity to pay for regulated activities. It must not circumvent, or attempt to circumvent, the prohibition or collude with any other person or entity for that purpose.”

A foreign entity includes:

a corporation or entity organized outside Canada that does not carry on business in Canada, or whose only activity in Canada is to influence electors to vote or refrain from voting, either in general or for a particular candidate or registered party in the election.

During the 2015 federal election the Trudeau Foundation was a third party and McCall MacBain’s European Climate Foundation was a foreign entity.

Evidence supporting the charge that a foreign entity did in fact donate a gift of $928,000 to the Trudeau Foundation to influence Justin Trudeau in his official capacity as Prime Mister of Canada was first made known in the National Post article “Money began to rain on Trudeau Foundation once Justin took over Liberals, analysis shows” In that article it was confirmed that,

“one in six donors have affiliations with organizations currently lobbying the government”.

The largest donors in 2015, when Justin Trudeau was a 2015 election candidate, and in 2016, soon after Justin Trudeau became Prime Minster and pledged $2.65 billion to the climate change fund (European Climate Foundation a benefactor), where made by the European Climate Foundation. The foreign entity was founded by McCall MacBain in 2008. The foundation’s aims are to promote/lobby for the EU and its climate and energy policies.

Foreign donations to the Trudeau Foundation jumped from $53,000 in the 2014 fiscal year to $535,000 in 2016 — a ten-fold increase, because of just one donor, the EU’s climate change lobbyist McCall MacBain and his Switzerland-based European Climate Foundation.

The EU and its climate change lobbyist McCall MacBain have been responsible for the majority of the increase in foreign donations and they were the largest foreign donors of 2015 federal election campaign candidate Justin Trudeau. The Switzerland-based foundation donated prohibited gift of $428,000 in 2015 and another prohibited gift of $500,000 in 2016. A red flag was raised by statement of fact foreign “gifts to the foundation have increased significantly since Justin Trudeau’s April 2013 election as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada”.

“A National Post analysis of the Trudeau Foundation’s public disclosures has found that gifts to the foundation have increased significantly since Justin Trudeau’s April 2013 election as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. The amount of money contributed to the foundation by foreign donors has grown each year since Trudeau claimed the party’s leadership. Moreover, a significant proportion of the charity’s donors, directors and members have ties to companies and organizations that are actively lobbying the federal government.”

Foreign interference activities by the EU using its climate change lobbyist McCall MacBain continued after the 2015 federal election.

On September 9, 2016 the Trudeau Foundation reported it had received the largest gift in the Foundation’s history. A record $1 million was donated to the Trudeau Foundation by the Foundation’s Chair McCall MacBain. However, the $1 million donation was never reported in any annual reports.

The original article reporting the receipt of $1 million gift stated the following:

The largest gift in the Foundation’s history | Fondation Trudeau

An investigation would find that during the 2015 federal election the Trudeau Foundation engaged in prohibited “Conduct that is illegal or contrary to public policy”. The Trudeau Foundation engaged in foreign interference activities for Germany’s EU.

The Trudeau Foundation’s Annual Reports provides proof the Trudeau Foundation never reported (concealed) the $1 million donation from McCall MacBain. How many other major donations from foreign donors were made to the Trudeau Foundation (beneficiary Justin Trudeau) during a federal election but were hidden from the CRA, the Office of Commissioner of Lobbying, from the Office of the Ethics Commissioner, from the Commissioner of Canada Elections, from the Government of Canada and from the Canadian public?

NOTE: Within 1 year the EU’s climate change lobbyist McCall MacBain donated almost $2 million to the Trudeau Foundation. MP/PM Justin Trudeau is a beneficiary of the Trudeau Foundation. House committee or the RCMP need to ask why the donations were made in 3 installments. It is plausible all 3 donations were for Justin Trudeau taking and giving the EU climate change lobbyist $2.65 billion.

Working theory – McCall MacBain paid Justin Trudeau a down payment of $428,000 in 2015 to pledged $2.65 billion in federal funds once he was elected & another $500,000 in 2016, after Justin Trudeau completed the heist. The $1 million that the Trudeau Foundation received from McCall MacBain but never reported in its annual reports was the result of Justin Trudeau wanting more money for stealing $2.65 billion.

Arrest of RCMP Director General Cameron Jay Ortis linked to NSICOP investigation of Germany’s foreign agent Chrystia Freeland

2 RCMP AP Raven drones & several RCMP cruisers (Wifi Hotspots) were detected near Mountain Top Motel where National Counterintelligence Organization (NCIO) Director Paul W Kincaid was staying on September 18, 2019.

The RCMP surveillance operation was conducted just 5 days after Justin Trudeau had the General Director General of the RCMP’s National Intelligence co-ordination centre (NICC), Cameron Jay Ortis “charged with unauthorized communication of special operational information and preparatory acts … as well as communicating or confirming “special operational information” to an unspecified entity or individual. “.

The timing of the arrest and charges of the RCMP’s Director General of NICC coincided with a NSICOP investigation of foreign interference activities in Canada. The NSICOP investigation involved Chrystia Freeland and Foreign Affairs Canada.

NSICOP is mandated to investigate Member of Parliament and their departments. NSICOP investigates:

any activity carried out by a department that relates to national security or intelligence, unless the activity is an ongoing operation and the appropriate Minister determines that the review would be injurious to national security;

any matter relating to national security or intelligence that a minister of the Crown refers to NSICOP

NSICOP was investigating foreign interference activities in Canada involving Chrystia Freeland. The investigation was launched after Chrystia Freeland was awarded Germany’s prestigious Warburg award in December 2018. The award is only bestowed to German aristocrats and German collaborators.

NSICOP submitted its “classified” 2019 Annual Report to Justin Trudeau on August 30, 2019. At the time, the document was classifed as ‘Top Secret/Special Intelligence/Canadian Eyes Only/CODEWORD.’

Days later on September 11, 2019 called a federal election for 21 October 2019. Trudeau called the election to delay the tabling of a “declassified” NSICOP report in the House of Commons.

Section 21(6) of the NSICOP Act requires that the Prime Minister table declassified versions of the reports within 30 sitting days of the resumption of Parliament. Until then, their contents remain classified.

The REDACTED NSICOP report named China and Russia as foreign states that were engaging in “significant and sustained foreign interference activities” in Canada. Germany was named too but Justin Trudeau REDACTED Germany from both the classified and declassified version of the NSICOP report.

We know Justin Trudeau REDACTED Germany because in 2019 MP Chrystia Freeland was recruited by Germany and it’s proxy the World Economic Forum to further Germany’s interests and political agendas.

What the World Economic Forum and Germany did by recruiting Chrystia Freeland in January and April of 2019 respectively is defined by CSIS as foreign interference. The following excerpt was copied and pasted, word for word, from the Government of Canada website.

Foreign interference involves foreign states, or persons/entities operating on their behalf, attempting to covertly influence decisions, events or outcomes to better suit their strategic interests. In many cases, clandestine influence operations are meant to deceptively influence Government of Canada policies, officials or democratic processes in support of foreign political agendas.

This activity can include cultivating influential people to sway decision-making, spreading disinformation on social media, and seeking to covertly influence the outcome of elections. These threats can target all levels of government (federal, provincial, municipal) across Canada.

RCMP Director General Cameron Jay Ortis contributed to the NSICOP’s special investigation of Germany’s foreign agent Chrystia Freeland. Remarks by the Hon. David McGuinty, P.C., M.P., Chair of the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians on the
tabling in Parliament of the NSICOP 2019 Annual Report and Special
Report, March 12, 2020 stated:

This review examined:

1. the threat facing Canada from foreign interference; and,

2. the government’s response to that threat.

On both fronts, the Committee heard testimony from dozens of officials from the Canadian
security and intelligence community, reviewed thousands of pages of documentation, both
classified and open source, and deliberated at great length.

The NSICOP investigation of Chrystia Freeland was initiated in 2019. Justin Trudeau delayed tabling NSICOP’s “Special Report on the National Security and Intelligence Activities of Global Affairs Canada” until November 2022.

Justin Trudeau called the 2019 federal election to conceal NSICOP finding that both Germany and Chrystia Freeland are a significant threat to the security of Canada. Portions of the NSICOP’s “Special Report on the National Security and Intelligence Activities of Global Affairs Canada” were REDACTED and deleted by Justin Trudeau for that purpose.

A reasonable person would conclude that Cameron Jay Ortis was arrested and charged “for communicating or confirming special operational information” pertaining to NSICOP’s investigation of Chrystia Freeland.

to an unspecified entity or individual.”