ALERT – we’re expecting Germany will use its ionosphere heaters to cause blackouts

NOAA has issued a warning that a solar storm with strike Earth between August 4 and 5.

“Now, as the CMEs approach, there are fears that it can spark an intense solar storm event, damaging satellites, shortwave radio communication, and more.” NOAA

However, Italy’s ETNA RADIO OBSERVATORY provides evidence that Germany’s ionosphere heaters are actively transmitting. 50Hz transmissions are the signature frequency of Germany’s EISCAT ionosphere heaters. It is important to note that Germany’s ionosphere heaters are actively transmitting. Scientific documents have confirmed that ionosphere heaters are capable of causing both climate change and communication blackouts – “cause interference with or even total disruption of communications over a very large portion of the earth”.

“If less than total black-out of transmission is desired (e.g., scrambling by phase shifting digital signals), the density of the plasma (Ne) need only be at least about 106 per cubic centimeter for a plasma originating at an altitude of from about 250 to about 400 km and accordingly less energy (i.e., electromagnetic radiation), e.g., 108 joules need be provided. Likewise, if the density Ne is on the order of 108, a properly positioned plume will provide a reflecting surface for VHF waves and can be used to enhance, interfere with, or otherwise modify communication transmissions. It can be seen from the foregoing that by appropriate application of various aspects of this invention at strategic locations and with adequate power sources, a means and method is provided to cause interference with or even total disruption of communications over a very large portion of the earth.” BAE HAARP Alaska ionosphere heater patent US4686605A

Germany has been planning on orchestrating a comprehensive cyberattack during widespread blackouts. Germany’s proxy, the World Economic Forum made this known during Germany and the WHO’s COVID-19 bioterrorism attack.

Germany desperately needs a bailout to recapitalize the Vatican and Germany’s Fourth Reich EU. There’s no money for a bailout so Germany is intent on causing a comprehensive cyberattack and blackouts to steal $trillions from non-EU banks. Blame a solar storm for the loss of communications for the non-EU banking systems.

“One could anticipate serious disruption of electronic payments such as (automated clearing house transactions), cards and wire transfers in the affected areas and beyond,” Steven Cordray, a payments risk expert at the Atlanta Fed, May 25, 2016

The EISCAT ionosphere heater caused communication blackouts in a “targeted area” will be used as a diversion while BIS (central bank Germany used during WWII for money laundering) steals $trillions from the deposits of non-EU banks.

“Investigations after the war revealed that the Reichsbank had used large quantities of gold stolen from central banks in the occupied territories to make wartime payments to a number of institutions including the Swiss National Bank and the BIS. This gold had been remelted at the Prussian mint to conceal its origin. In this manner, during the war, the BIS received 3.7 tonnes of gold from the Reichsbank which, it emerged from German records captured after the war, had originally been looted from the central banks of Belgium and the Netherlands. The BIS cooperated fully with the postwar investigations led by the Allied Tripartite Commission for the Restitution of Monetary Gold and returned 3.7 tonnes of gold to the Commission in 1948.” BIS

The blackouts will be caused by Germany’s EISCAT ionosphere heaters, not a solar storm. Italy’s ETNA RADIO OBSERVATORY magnetometer image (posted above) is prima facie evidence that shows Germany’s ionosphere heaters are actively transmitting prior to NOAA issuing a warning that communication blackouts are possible between August 4 and 5.

National governments have the means to detect when Germany’s EISCAT ionosphere heaters are fabricating climate change for Pope Francis and the UN or launching an electronic warfare attack against a targeted country.

Magnetometer recorded ionosphere heater transmissions for over 6 hours on August 4, 2023. EISCAT exclusively uses a pulse repetition frequency (PRF) of 50 Hz

Magnetometers can be used and have been used to detected such attacks.

Magnetometers can be used to detect when ionosphere heaters are being used to cause climate change