Ukraine Russia war is the start of Germany’s WWIII military campaign

Ukraine Russia war was instigated by Germany to force NATO member states to wage Germany’s WWIII military campaign as Germany’s new Waffen SS. Least we forget that Germany began to wage WWII in Eastern Europe. Germany waged WWII and committed atrocities (war crimes) against and in Poland, Ukraine and the USSR with the assistance of Ukraine.

Thousands of Ukrainians joined the Nazi Germany’s Waffen SS “Galacia” in WWII to help Germany wage WWII & occupy Europe. Ukrainians helped Germany commit atrocities in Poland, in the Soviet Union and in their our country during WWII. They volunteered to serve Nazi Germany as Waffen SS “Galacia” soldiers. Ukrainians served as guards in Germany’s death camps in Poland. Ukrainians soldiers and police who served Germany’s 14th Waffen SS mass murdered Polish, Ukrainian and Soviet civilians and Germany’s prisoners of war.

Canadians need to remember that both Ukraine & Germany were Canada’s enemies in WWII. In 1943, Germany established the Waffen SS Galacia, which was composed of thousands of Ukrainians. In April 1943, 5000 Ukrainian policemen joined/assisted Germany mass murder Ukrainians & Poles.

The Government of Canada has containers of material evidence that shows that Ukraine & Ukrainians did in fact serve Nazi Germany and Ukrainians did commit war crimes during WWII.

Government of Canada Archives contain files on Ukrainians’ war crimes. WAR CRIMES including THE UKRAINIAN 14TH WAFFEN-SS DIVISION SERIES

Containers 7, 33, 35, 36 contains material evidence that shows that Ukraine was an enemy of Canada during WWII. Container files prove Ukrainians waged WWII as Nazi Germany’s 14th Waffen – SS Volunteer Grenadier Division.

Container 35, files 13, 16, 18 contain material evidence on the atrocities committed by Ukrainians who served Nazi Germany in the Ukrainian 14th Waffen SS Division.

Container 36, file 5 contain “list of (Ukrainian) participants in the mass execution of Jews in Slavuta in 1942, now living in Canada and the U.S.”

One Ukrainian who assisted Germany commit mass murder in Poland and Ukraine is the grandfather of Canadian MP Chrystia Freeland. Freeland’s grandfather wrote propaganda articles for Nazi Germany that were written to trick Polish and Ukrainian Jews into boarding trains that were used to transport Jews to Germany’s death camps in Poland. Freeland’s grandfather was classified and investigated by the RCMP as a war criminal when he came to Canada. Canadian government “Commission of Inquiry” document “War Criminals in Canada” recorded that “war criminals were collaborators”. Collaborators like Chrystia Freeland’s grandfather were war criminals because they participated in or facilitated Germany’s war crimes during WWII. The members of the Ukrainian SS Galicia Division were war criminals.