Twitter locked @ncio_canada account for Germany

“foreign states may seek to exert undue influence, covertly and through proxies, by harassing dissidents and suppressing academic freedoms and free speech that are not aligned with their political interests. Similarly, these actors may attempt to influence public opinion and debate in Canada through interference in our press or online media” CSIS report, FOREIGN INTERFERENCE AND YOU

Foreign interference includes Twitter locking @ncio_canada account for Germany for informing followers that Germany’s mRNA vaccines are biological weapons and that COVID-19 is a state sponsored biological attack.

Germany’s motive for getting Twitter to lock @ncio_canada account? Germany sponsored the COVID-19 biological attack January 31, 2020 to force “world leaders to invest in vaccines” NGO Global Citizen

To invest in vaccines means to buy vaccines that Germany is manufacturing. Germany conspired with the insolvent WHO/UN to wage COVID-19 biological warfare to obtain $billions for Germany (via sale of Germany’s mRNA vaccines that are tainted with SARS-CoV-2’s viral protein ORF10) and UN’s “Sustainable Development Goals” (UN wants world leaders to give the UN $350 billion annually). This was made known at the World Economic Forum on January 31, 2020 when Germany pledged 600 millions euros for global vaccine efforts.

Tweet that Germany didn’t want to the World to read”

Biological weapons contain “biological agent” — any component of a micro-organism or an infectious substance that is capable of causing death, disease or other biological malfunction in a human.

Spike & ORF10 protein are components of SARS-CoV-2 & of Germany mfg mRNA vaccines.

Attached images were the screenshots below: